ACS 2019 Workshop on

Cognitive Architectures for Human-Robot Interaction (CA-HRI)

Cambridge, MA, USA


The workshop will take place in conjunction with the Seventh Annual Conference on Advances in Cognitive Systems in Cambridge, Massachussets in USA on the 2nd of August 2019.

In many application fields of human robot interaction, robots need to adapt to changing contexts and thus be able to learn tasks from non-expert humans through verbal and non-verbal interaction. Inspired by human cognition and social interaction, we are interested in mechanisms for representation and acquisition, memory structures etc., up to full models of socially guided, situated, multi-modal language interaction. These models can then be used to test theories of human situated multi-modal interaction, as well as to inform computational models in this area of research.

Important Dates

Call for Papers

The workshop aims at bringing together linguists, computer scientists, cognitive scientists, and psychologists with a particular focus on embodied models of situated natural language interaction. Workshop submissions should answer at least one of the following questions:

Relevant Topics (non-exhaustive list)


Articles should be 4-6 pages, formatted using the ACS 2019 Author's Kit. For each accepted contribution, at least one of the authors is required to attend the workshop.

Please submit workshop papers to

Submission deadline extended: June 30, 2019

Notification date: July 15, 2019