Evan Krause
Lab Manager, Robotics Researcher
Evan Krause
vision processing
architecture integration
robotics middleware
vasanth sarathy and bradley oosterveld and evan krause and matthias scheutz (2018)
learning cognitive affordances for objects from natural language instruction
proceedings of the sixth annual conference on advances in cognitive systems
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matthias scheutz and thomas williams and evan krause and brley oosterveld and vasanth sarathy and tyler frasca (2018)
an overview of the distributed integrated affect and reflection cognitive diarc architecture
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sepideh sadeghi and matthias scheutz and evan krause (2017)
an embodied incremental bayesian model of cross-situational word learning
proceedings of the 2017 joint ieee international conference on development and learning and epigenetic robotics (icdl-epirob)
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matthias scheutz and evan krause and brad oosterveld and tyler frasca and robert platt (2017)
spoken instruction-based one-shot object and action learning in a cognitive robotic architecture
proceedings of the 16th international conference on autoomous agents and multiagent systems
recipient of the aamas 2017 best paper award
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jason r. wilson and evan krause and matthias scheutz and morgan rivers (2016)
analogical generalization of actions from single exemplars in a robotic architecture
proceedings of aamas 2016
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matthias scheutz and evan krause and sepideh sadeghi (2014)
an embodied real-time model of language-guided incremental visual search
proceedings of the 36th annual conference of the cognitive science society
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evan krause and michael zillich and tom williams and matthias scheutz (2014)
learning to recognize novel objects in one shot through human-robot interactions in natural language dialogues
proceedings of twenty-eighth aaai conference on artificial intelligence
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evan krause, rehj cantrell, ekaterina potapova, michael zillich, and matthias scheutz (2013)
incrementally biasing visual search using natural language input
proceedings of aamas, 31--38
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matthias scheutz, gordon briggs, rehj cantrell, evan krause, tom williams, and richard veale (2013)
novel mechanisms for natural human-robot interactions in the diarc architecture
proceedings of aaai workshop on intelligent robotic systems
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r. cantrell and e. potapova and e. krause and m. zillich and m. scheutz (2012)
incremental referent grounding with nlp-biased visual search
proceedings of aaai 2012 workshop on grounding language for physical systems
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evan krause and paul schermerhorn and matthias scheutz (2012)
crossing boundaries: multi-level introspection in a complex robotic architecture for automatic performance improvements
proceedings of the twenty-sixth aaai conference on artificial intelligence
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