brad oosterveld
research associate
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speech recognition
unsupervised learning
vasanth sarathy and bradley oosterveld and evan krause and matthias scheutz (2018)
learning cognitive affordances for objects from natural language instruction
proceedings of the sixth annual conference on advances in cognitive systems
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matthias scheutz and thomas williams and evan krause and brley oosterveld and vasanth sarathy and tyler frasca (2018)
an overview of the distributed integrated affect and reflection cognitive diarc architecture
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andrew valenti and bradley oosterveld and matthias scheutz (2017)
a neural field model of sequence perception
proceeding of cognitive computational neuroscience conference 2017
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matthias scheutz and evan krause and brad oosterveld and tyler frasca and robert platt (2017)
spoken instruction-based one-shot object and action learning in a cognitive robotic architecture
proceedings of the 16th international conference on autoomous agents and multiagent systems
recipient of the aamas 2017 best paper award
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bradley oosterveld and luca brusatin and matthias scheutz (2017)
two bots, one brain: component sharing in cognitive robotic architectures
proceedings of 12th acm/ieee international conference on human-robot interaction video contest
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bradley oosterveld and richard veale and matthias scheutz (2017)
a parallelized dynamic programming approach to zero resource spoken term discovery
proceedings of the 42nd ieee international conference on acoustics, speech, and signal processing
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tom williams and gordon briggs and brad oosterveld and matthias scheutz (2015)
going beyond command- based instructions: extending robotic natural language interaction capabilities
proceedings of aaai
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