A Unifying AI Architectural Framework for Developing Complex Autonomous Robotic Teammates

In this project we are developing a comprehensive AI architectural framework that is at once versatile, extensible, and scalable, and enables human-like mixed-initiative human-robot interactions at human-like levels of interactivity and effectiveness. The framework, based on our DIARC architecture, will allow AI researchers and roboticists to evaluate their component algorithms on a large number of robots without having to develop a complete architecture simply by adding their component to DIARC or substituting it for an existing DIARC component using standardized interfaces.

An Overview of the Distributed Integrated Affect and Reflection Cognitive DIARC Architecture (2019)

Matthias Scheutz and Thomas Williams and Evan Krause and Brley Oosterveld and Vasanth Sarathy and Tyler Frasca

Different from other cognitive architectures like SOAR or ACT-R, DIARC is an intrinsically component-based distributed architecture scheme that can be instantiated in many different ways. Moreover, DIARC has several distinguishing features, such as affect processing and deep natural language integration, is open-world and multi-agent…